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2016 - HP Library opens this July 1 for the 103rd year

posted May 15, 2016, 1:28 PM by Ned Peirce

Spring  2016

Dear Friends of the Hancock Point Library,

Spring has arrived and, along with the daffodils and the robins, a sure sign of its arrival is finding the Hancock Point Library letter in your mailbox.  Happy Spring!   Winter was a bit of a disappointment for snow-loving me, but even I was pleased not to have 3 feet of snow on the lawn at the end of March!

The library will open for its 103rd summer on July 1.  The Board is happy to announce that Christina Karvounis and her family will be returning for another summer as our “library family”.    Not surprisingly, they were smitten with the library and the Board thanks all of you for making them feel so welcome in our community.

We didn’t have to have snow shoveled off the library roof this winter, but we did have to replace the glass in one of the front doors after a raptor (hawk or owl) barreled into it and shattered the glass.  Apparently, the bird was able to fly away, leaving only 4 or 5 small feathers on the screen that saved its life.

We are slowly adding to the number of books that are in our online catalog.  If you’re curious, visit the library website (www.hancockpointlibrary.org) , click on New Books in  the menu, and see the paragraph about “Collection Online”.  There’s a link there that will allow you to try a search.

 I’m sure you are all looking forward to another summer at Hancock Point.  The library, as always, will be there to welcome you.   Please consider helping us in one (or all) of the following ways so that we can continue to serve the community we all love :                                            

1.     Become a member of The Library by sending in your basic membership dues.

2.     Include an additional donation (membership dues do not cover our basic expenses).

3.     Donate used books and delicious baked goods for the Book & Bake Sale on Saturday, July 23.

4.     Then….. come and buy your neighbors’ used books and delicious baked goods at the Book & Bake Sale on Saturday, July 23.

5.     Visit the library website (www.hancockpointlibrary.org) where you can send us an email suggesting books for purchase or letting us know of any books that you will be donating or loaning this summer.

6.     Attend the 103rd  Annual meeting of the HPLA on Tuesday, August 2 at 8:00 pm.

7.     Come borrow a book, check the bulletin board, have a cup of tea, and bring the children to Christina’s story times. 


Eleanor S. Fairbanks


Officers: President, Eleanor S. Fairbanks; Clerk, Bev Woodcock; Treasurer, Barbara Welch

Trustees: Judy Baker, Kathy Hughes, Mary Brennan, Steve Weber, Jamie Paterson, Lesley Robinson, Ann Hayes, Andrea Denny-Brown,