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Summer rentals and properties for sale, local authors, and so on ...

posted Mar 1, 2012, 9:26 PM by Ned Peirce   [ updated Aug 3, 2018, 12:02 PM by HPVIS ML Hancock Point Village Improvement Society ]

ALSO CHECK the Crabtree Neck CLASSIFIED: on the CrabtreeNeckOpen site  Just posted - Renata Moise just added a notice for a nice tender for sale ...


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 Sea Wall Repair needed     Jane Giles We need to repair our sea wall - anyone know someone who can do this work? sjcgiles@onetel.com 8/3/2018
 Caretaker        Wanted Jane (Crosby) GilesUsual caretaker swamped with carpentry ... need caretaker for two houses (main and cabin). sjcgiles@onetel.com 3/12/2018
 Babysitter     NoahNoah Harris Babysitting Service
If you are in need of a babysitter between July 5th - August 3rd I am available for all your babysitting needs. My name is Noah Harris, I am the grandson of Sheila and Bruce Denny-Brown, I have babysat many family members of my own on the point and I am CPR certified. If you are interested you can contact me at 480-375-8760. 
 Noah at 480-375-8760 7/13/18

                                                 property                                                                                    contact                                            updated
 2018 Hancock Point     D-B house and and guest house  John A. Denny-Brown
 Sheila Denny-Brown
 2017 Hancock Point August 2017 3 night minimum - main house only (dated but useful info - Crosby Lodge) Susan Peirce 4/2/2017
 2017 Hancock Point     Salt Pond House Shannon Waldner 
 2016 Hancock Point Description - listing: Crowe Main Road House   

 available July 23-20 and after August 26

 Trish Reifenberger

 reifenfamily1@bellsouth.net or  (404) 702-7834.

 2016  Hancock Point  Emerson Cottage 2016 is available 6/1 - 9/6 this summer
 Pictures: A B C  & D
  Jonathan Emerson  3/6/2016
 Hancock Point 
 Donelan Cottage
 Maggie Donelan  4/8/2016
 Hancock Point
 Cabin with 3 bedrooms, centrally located close to water  John O'Meara
 2014  Hancock Point  Big House & Little House available for summer & spring/autumn rental  Anne Thompson  2/26/2014
 2014  Hancock Point  House  Belinda Waldner

                                                property                                                                     contact                                       updated
 2016   Hancock Point

 Emerson cottage   Jonathan Emerson  7/6/2015
 2014   Hancock Point  HOUSE FOR SALE  K T Waters  3/20/2014


 Richard Hirschhorn  1977  A PRIDE OF HEALERS  William Morrow and Co., and Bantam  Available in the HP Library!
 1977  TARGET MAYFLOWER  Harcourt Brace and Co.  Available in the HP Library!
 2015  Do Angels Bleed?  Published August 10, 2015  Available in the HP Library!
 2015  DIE GRIEF - The Griffin  www.joncourtbooks.com amazon  Published under pseudonym "Jon Court"
This page has been set up to display links to sites other than HPVIS.org for items that are important to HP residents.  Items such as "Summer Rentals", "For Sale", "Baby Sitter available - or needed" which appear on external websites can be linked to from here.  I created the Crabtree Neck Open site for no cost hosting of such notices for HP community folks.  Send update requests to Ned Peirce at nedpeirce@gmail.com or call him at 978-204-1741.   

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