HPVIS e-Mail List

The HPVIS e-Mail List is comprised of email addresses suitable for reaching folks in the summer.  It was originally created from the Winter Address lists and access mail accounts for this website.  It has been updated by submissions to the webmaster.

From time to time the list is used to send email to the HPVIS community.   If your email is on the list you will receive periodic emails.   Your email address will not be disclosed to other recipients of mailings.   When mail is sent to the list it is protected by the use of "Bcc:".  Recipients will only see the sender and their own email address - not the entire list.

Items emailed are deemed generally of interest to the community and none are purely commercial in nature.  In the summer there may be several mailings for event announcements - lost dogs - and the like.

ALL mail is sent with a "Subject: HPVIS ML: [description]" line containing a meaningful description of the particular mail so that recipients need not open messages which they are not interested in.

If you wish to be placed on the list or to be taken off it - please send an email to the HPVIS.org webmaster, currently this is Ned Peirce at nedpeirce@gmail.com, with instructions. There are two choices - "Please put me ON the list." and "Please take me OFF the list."  You can periodically go on and off the list if you like.

If you have information that you feel should be emailed to the community - please forward it to Ned Peirce at nedpeirce@gmail.com.   There is no promise for an instant response to a request but I will try to be prompt.  If there is any question of an item's suitability the webmaster may ask you for clarification and may confer with one or more HPVIS board members.

Reception to the emails sent the first summer (2013) has been overwhelmingly favorable and this seems to be the case now five years later.

N.B. The list is shared annually with Shannon Absher for the purpose of updating the HPVIS members Winter Address list.   If you do not want your "HPVIS eMail List" email address included in the winter address list - please notify the webmaster and your request will be conveyed along with the list when sent to Shannon.

Please send inquiries and suggestions to me.   -- Ned Peirce (Oct. 26, 2013, July 4, 2018, September 4, 2018)