HP Wharf Float Copyright David 2005
Hancock Point Wharf Float & Dinghies
Copyright David Peirce 2005

These notes were culled from the 2016 mailed packet -  and in particular from the 2016 Info Sheet:

Please observe safety rules posted at the wharf.
  1. Small children MUST wear life jackets at all times while on the floats.
  2. A dinghy or rowboat kept at or on the float must have a paid 2016 decal on the bow and the name(s) and address(es) of the owner(s) in a conspicuous place.  There is an additional charge for keeping a dinghy ON the float.  To obtain a decal, send your dues and waterfront fee (see Dues & Fees Form) to the HPVIS treasurer, Bruce Denny-Brown, 139 West Shore Dr., Hancock, ME  04640, who will issue you the appropriate decal.
  3. The location of moorings and the use of guest moorings is directed by John Adelman,  There is no fee for the placement of a mooring in the harbor.  The choice of who is to set out a mooring is up the individual boat owner.  FYI Chris Lariviere (207-422-3137) now looks the majority of moorings at Hancock Point.