WEBSITE ACCESS is a community website maintained by and for the Hancock Point Village Improvement Society members.  There are two 'faces' of the site - one with content freely accessible to anyone on the world wide web and another with some restrictions in place to target things to the HPVIS membership like address lists.


If you wish access to the members content send an email message to the current webmaster, Ned Peirce, at  Include your GMAIL account which will be used by to identify you.   The website is hosted on Google Sites which costs the HPVIS nothing and the access control Google Sites uses requires the use of Gmail accounts which is a one time and minor hassle for those members who don't already have accounts. 

Note - all you should send to Ned is your Gmail account - e.g. PLEASE do NOT send your password. You will receive mail when you are enabled.  You can change your password at any time - and may use your account for email or not - without interaction with HPVIS.  HPVIS will only use your email account NAME in order to recognize you.


There is a HPVIS e-Mail List [HPVIS ML] which is comprised of email addresses suitable for reaching folks in the summer.  It was originally created from the Winter Address lists and the access mail accounts for this website.  It has been updated by submissions to the webmaster.  Select the tab above ("HPVIS e-Mail List") for more on the address list and how it is used.

IMPORTANT:  If you have questions or suggestions regarding any of this please email Ned at - who will gladly help you sort out any questions or difficulties you have.

[last updated 9/4/2018 - Ned Peirce]